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Exams are almost over, thank the lord!! One more to go and then finally free. Well, not really, but an illusion, at least until the next exams.
Before I forget to say it... Happy new year guys!!! We're entering 2016, and let me tell you, this will be our year! I'm very against the whole cheesy new year resolution... But for once I'm going to go along with it. I hope to be there more to entertain you guys and to provide more outfit posts and wishlists and show reviews and anything else you'd like! 
So I want to look forward and tackle this year like no year before. 
I have to admit, I've always been quite the pessimist, but spending time with my family, my boyfriend and growing friends has made me realize, life is a lot better than what I portray it as. I am so blessed to have all these people around me who support me and make my smile beyond any smile I would think possible. So with this, I present to you: Chloe 2.0 a happier, more motivated outlook on life. 
I'm looking forward to a year with you guys! 
Kisses, Chloe 
P.s. My New Years outfit ;)

Shirt Kookai // Skirt Sandro // Bag Just Cavalli // Shoes Topshop Limited Edition // 

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