Gucci Pre winter/fall 2016-2017


So I know it has been a while since our last post. You can blame that on a very hectic semester filled with never ending work. We were very stressed, to say the least, but now we are on winter break... so get ready for some more posts! Now I know the collection was released a  weeks ago, but there was no way that I couldn't talk (gush) about it. To say I'm enamored with this collection would be a vast understatement. Every single look is perfection. The way each look is styled and the modern yet vintage, 70's vibe that the collection gives off is amazing. The whole mix of glittery, sequin-y materials and suedes mixed with bold colors like pink and blue and purple teamed with the very classic cuts of the clothes make for an effortless combination. Also, the accessories are amazing... I mean glittery bold framed glasses and beret's?! Amazing. I can honestly say that I want every piece from this collection, which can't be said from a lot of my favorite collections. Anyways, my wish list just got a whole lot longer and expensive.
Here are my favorite looks from the collection:

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

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